Monday, April 25, 2011

Kem Pemantapan Sahsiah (part 1)

Last week, my school had organized a camping at Merdeka Beach Resort, Pantai Merdeka, Kedah for 2 dyas and one night. There are 71 students and 9 teachers joined this activity. We gathered at our school at 7.30 am. Two buses are already waiting for us. We departed at 7.45 am. Two teachers supposed to followed each bus. So, there are four teachers that went to the destination together with students. Other teachers followed by their own car.

There are lot of paddy field on the way to the place. One of my students very excited to see the greenery   paddy field around us. She suggested to my friend, Teacher N to organize a trip to Muzium Padi. Then, my friend said no need to go to that museum. Just come to her village and that students can see a view of paddy field any time.:)

We arrived MBR at 9.30 am. All students took out their bags from the bus and gathered together at the parking side outside the resort. Some teachers accompanied the students meanwhile some of them went to the resort's management office to discuss about dorms and rooms. Its quite hard because the teacher who in charged  about that still not arrived.  After several minutes of discussion, all the students are allowed to keep their bags in one dorm only. This is because other dorms still using by other school.

To be continued..Part 2

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